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Solved! Slow Computer

Sometimes, computers just behave like they have a mind of their own.

Once, a co-worker come to me complaining about their computer hanging or freezing, taking long to start or open programmes, etc. The computer was just a pain to work with. It was just so slow.

This was a computer running Windows 10. I think it was a Core i5 processor and it was running 4GB RAM on 500GB hard drive space. The hard drive was not full. No. A lot of people start to say that their computer is slow because their hard drive is full. They usually call the hard drive “memory” when, in fact, the hard drive is storage. They tend to think that when they have lots of visible files on their computer, that then the computer will become slow. No sir.

The computer becomes slow because of lack of memory (RAM) resources to process instructions. Sometimes, this is caused by viruses so that there are programmes that keep running (illegally) in the background and they use up the system’s resources (CPU power and RAM) to the detriment of other legitimate user applications such word processors or email programmes, etc.

One of the ways to fix this is to check the programmes that are running and ensure that only legitimate programmes are running. Troubleshoot by opening the Task Manager to countercheck what applications are running. Check for Startup Applications that are running.

Increase the Virtual RAM.

The Fix

What I did to fix that was to first do a few tweaks on the utilities and then finally increase the RAM from 4GB to 8GB. Job done. The client says the problem stopped and that their computer behaves normally now. No slowing or freezing.

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